Shadow Yoga

Warm Up and Preparation

As you begin to engage in yoga practice, you may be drawn to alter your diet, thoughts, and behavior to some degree. This should be a natural, intuitive process that is cultivated without force, to move towards balance and ease in the body and mind.

My classes begin with simple warm-up activities to prepare the body and mind for practice; and this in turn will have an effect on your lifestyle, and habits over time, preparing you for further stages of yoga practice.

Balakrama, Chaya Yoddha Sanchalanam, Kartikkeya Mandala: 3 Preludes

As a foundation, students of yoga will learn the 3 sequences (preludes) listed above.  Balakrama works on the physical structure, to promote stability, awareness and persistence. Chaya Yoddha Sanchalanam increases coordination and work with folding, while Kartikkeya Mandala works on all levels to build fluidity, incorporating standing, folding, and twisting postures. The three preludes provide and essential vocabulary of movement, skills, and understanding, and may be practiced for 3-7 years as a preparatory step. These preludes serve to create stability of both mind and body suitable for the practice of yoga, and for remaining calm and gaining sensitivity to the moment at hand, in all aspects of life. 

The Big Picture

Yoga is a process of discerning reality from what is not. Once fundamental work has been integrated, further work with asana, and the more intense practices of yoga are possible. Through gradual work with our physical structure, we are able to gain insight, modify behavior, alter our habits, and find freedom on all levels: physical, psychological, spiritual.   Yoga, through practical means, makes a huge difference.  Shadow Yoga, when practiced with awareness consistently over time, is safe, effective and challenging.  for complete list of approved teachers, and books related to this practice, see

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