Level 1: Warm ups, fundamentals,

As the foundation for yoga practice, fundamental conditioning and preparatory work is an essential and sometimes overlooked step. This is an accessible class for someone new to yoga, new to Shadow Yoga, or coming back to practice after a time.

Level 2: Prelude practice, asana

Prelude practice is an opportunity to learn and practice the fundamental forms of Shadow Yoga, a style of Hatha yoga that works step by step to promote natural movement of the limbs through simple yet challenging sequences. The prelude work is organized into three sequences: Balakrama, Chaya Yoddha Sanchalanam, and Kartikkeya Mandala.  In these courses, these three sequences are used as appropriate to the needs of the students to stabilize the joints, free us from habitual tension and movements, and penetrate our superficial experience to integrate the breath and awareness.  These demanding yet safe sequences are worked with progressively and lead us toward asana practice.

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