Lita Batho, yoga teacher

Based in Portland, Oregon

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Similar to almost any activity you might undertake, the practice of yoga takes time and dedication to achieve knowledge of the tools and the ability to use them. The proliferation of yoga classes and activities termed "yoga" has done a disservice to this endeavor, since it is only through sustained experience that one can begin to see progress.  This is why my classes are taught in the form of small classes with focus on the individual students.

My intention is to guide each person with practical, efficient, tools that I have learned through many years studying yoga, and to give them the tools to practice without me.


Since 2002 my studies have been with Zhander Remete and Emma Balnaves of the Shadow Yoga school. Traditionally considered a safe path to enlightenment, hatha yoga is a gradual process that is safe and challenging as a life-long process.  Begin now wherever you find yourself and you will start the process of revealing strength, focus, peace of mind that exists within you but is typically masked by dullness, inactivity, and distractions of everyday life.

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